Ad Terram Canada

Lourens has been farming in Manitoba since 1981 and has grown everything from potatoes and onions to grain. Sandor has been working in the agriculture industry since 2004, handling sales, logistics and food safety. Together they have supplied companies across North America and grown one of the largest shallot and onion set operations in Canada.

With more chemicals being removed from the market every season and with consumers becoming more conscientious about what goes into their food, Lourens and Sandor see the need for an alternative solution and are excited to bring Ad Terram products to Canada to fill that need.

They are currently running trials on onions, peas, beans and lentils in Manitoba and plan to expand into other crops in the coming season.

For sales please contact:


Managing Director: Sandor Arendse

Box 450, 10 Miller Rd, Oakville, MB ROH OYO



Ad Terram Southeast Europe

In the upcoming weeks we would like to introduce our subsidiaries to you. This week: Ad Terram Southeast Europe. 


The new headquarter of Magrovet Group, the owner of Ad Terram Southest Europe Kft. has recently been opened in Kecskemet, Central Hungary.   The facility includes offices, laboratory, seed processing / packaging operations and warehouse on 1200 m2.   The new TEAL coating machines will be installed in this building during summer.  The trial station of the group is also located in this site with 2000 m2 greenhouses and 2,5 ha open field area. 

 As part of the trial series of Ad Terram Southeast Europe Kft. there was a watermelon germination trial of untreated seeds, seeds treated with Sapphire Green Premix and treated with Thiram, made in a germination cabinet.   Result is visible in the pictures below.

 Ad Terram Southeast Europe Kft for all executed sales in the following regions:

  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Macedonia
  • Bulgaria
  • Albania
  • Ukraine
  • Moldova
  • Croatia
  • Bosnia
  • Montenegro
  • Kosovo

Managing Director: Joseph Mundweil
Dézsmaház u.19, 1223 Budapest, Hungary
+36 309191025