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European Biostimulant Industry Council

Ad Terram became proud member of EBIC in July 2016. The European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) develops and promotes the European Biostimulant Industry and contributes to making the agriculture more sustainable.

EBIC provides:
  • A platform for Biostimulants producers to discuss points of common interest relating to, but not limited to, technical questions, regulatory issues, public and stakeholder relations and other non-commercial matters;
  • A voice for the Biostimulants sector in Europe.
  • Information and expertise on the specificities of Biostimulants to European authorities and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Information about the sector that is relevant for the public policy makers and the general public.

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We are an innovative company focusing on the research of own developed organic treatment products and technologies in the agro-industry.

We make high-end products
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