The future of coating is here... Organic coating by Ad Terram

New grounded facilities Ad Terram BV

In the previous year Ad Terram BV has expanded to five new facilities around the world. We proudly want to introduce:

Ad Terram Germany

Managing Directors:
Mr. Andreas Muelller
Mr. Dag Tober 

Ad Terram Polska

Managing Director:
Mr. Marek Grabowski

Ad Terram Africa

Technical Director:
Mr. Hannes Hattingh 

Managing Director:
Mrs. Tia Hattingh 

Ad Terram CZ (Czech Republic)

Managing Director:
Mrs. Petra Horalova

Ad Terram USA

Managing Director:
Mrs. Stacey Cannon

The facilities will focus on the regions were they are established to give better service to our customers. With the wide experience of the Managing Directors we are certain they will provide our customers with all the information they need. So please feel free to contact one of the facilities right away. 

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