The future of coating is here... Organic coating by Ad Terram

Organic pigments

Due to the constant changing of regulations within the organic inspection bodies it is becoming increasingly difficult to register pigments, especially pigment paste. This has mainly to do with the dispersing additives needed to produce the pigment paste. That is why Ad Terram has decided to produce its own colours in its newly acquired factory in Andijk.


What does Ad Terram use pigments/pigment paste for?

Pigments and pigment paste are used on seed, mainly in the film coating. These pigments are used so it can give the farmer visibility of the seed in the soil after it has been sown.


What is the problem with pigment pastes?

In Europe, organic products are certified under the regulation act *Reg.(EC)834/2007. This is the standard regulation for all EU countries.

However every country in the EU is free to apply additional rules to the standard regulations regarding the admission of organic products. As a result it is possible that some products are permitted in The Netherlands but not permitted in France.

This is the same regarding pigments and pigment paste.

Many pigment paste are developed by means of chemical and /or synthetic dispersants. This makes it difficult to certify these products. That is why Ad Terram has made the decision to create its own pigment paste. These pigments are therefore 100% organic and free from intentionally added microplastics.


If you would you like to know which pigments are certified in your country? Please check the overview on our website: :


*Reg. (EC) 834/2007 is going to be replaced in 2021 by the new regulation act (EU) 2019/1009

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