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Filmcoat liquid

A Filmcoat liquid is a layer of pigment which can contain a Biostimulant, crop protection product and/or insecticide. Colour pigments are applied to the seed for better visibility in the field. Biostimulants strengthens the growth of the seeds and increases the uptake of micro-elements. You can also add Crop Protection products such as pesticides and insecticides to protect the seeds from pathogens and insects. 

To apply the filmcoating liquid a binder is needed which is already processed in our Filmcoat liquid. The binders used by Ad Terram are free of intentionally added microplastics.

  • No drying process needed after coating
  • Perfect coverage due to the fact that we coat until Saturation point
  • The coating decomposes completely without leaving harmful residues and intentionally added microplastics

Sapphire Seed Coat

Is mixable with the majority of seed treatments.


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Sapphire Seed Coat Premix

Mixed with our Biostimulant Optimum Seed. 


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Bulkcoat Premix

Best coating for low value crops. 


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