“A plant Biostimulant is any substance or microorganism, 
in the form in which it is supplied to the user, applied to plants, seeds or the root environment
with the intention to stimulate natural processes of plants benefiting nutrient
use efficiency and/or tolerance to abiotic stress, regardless of its nutrient
content, or any combination of such substances and/or microorganisms intended for this use.”

  • Organic crop support from start to finish
  • Healthier and stronger crops
  • No unwanted harmful residues are left behind
  • Increased root system
  • Better uptake of micro-elements
  • Bigger vacuoles
  • Higher turgor pressure
  • Higher tolerance to abiotic stress




Optimum Seed

Optimum seed increases the seeds ability of taking up micro elements easier without setback of the germination. Optimum seed is 100% organic and certified by a range of institutes in a range of countries.

"Optimum Seed is only available in combination with our Sapphire Seed Coating Premix”





Optimum Leaf

Optimum leaf is a bio-stimulant which gives your plants strength and a higher tolerance against a biotic stress factor. Optimum leaf is 100% organic and certified by a range of institutes in a range of countries. Optimum Leaf is available as a concentrate and can be diluted just before spraying to the advised concentration.

Optimum Bulb

Optimum Bulb is our bio stimulant especially made to help bulb crops to get a head start and create an environment for the bulbs such as tulips, potatoes, lily etc. To create a better root system and help the plant to take up those essential micro elements easier in order for it to become stronger and healthier.