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Our Optimum Biostimulants

A biostimulant is any substance or microorganism applied to plants, seeds, or the root environment to stimulate plants’ natural processes. Benefiting nutrient use, efficiency and tolerance to abiotic stress, regardless of its nutrient content or any combination of such substances and/or microorganisms intended for this use.

Why Choose Our Optimum Biostimulants?

Improved Vigour

Your plants will mature faster, which will make them less vulnerable to abiotic stress.

Better Resilience of the Plant

Our biostimulants improve the root system, which creates a higher chance of reaching water and better uptake of micronutrients from the soil.

Technical Improvements

The plants exterior will show better colour and more uniformty. Therefore the overall quality is higher.

Yield Improvemens

Optimum Biostimulants have a positive effect on both more uniformity as well as higher yields.

Environmental Safe

Our Optimum Biostimulants are 100% naturally based products that are 100% biodegradable.

CE certified Biostimulants

Our Biostimulants meet the strict quality requirements of the Fertilizer Product Regulation in Europe.

Reduce Your Chemical Applications During Seed Treatment and Cultivation

Our Biostimulants are used in programs to reduce the use of harmful or restricted chemicals.

Our Optimum Biostimulants

Optimum Seed

Optimum Seed induces root growth and especially hair root growth therefore; the flow of water uptake is higher and increases the plant’s ability to take up more minerals and fertilizer components, resulting in higher vigour and germination uniformity. Optimum Seed is also used in some species as a replacement for priming.

Optimum Leaf

Optimum Leaf gives a higher yield and has a positive effect on the colour of the plants exterior. Application of Optimum Leaf is a foliar treatment and has to be applied between 1 and 3 times per season. Optimum Leaf is only available as a concentrate and has to be diluted to a 5% concentration using ordinairy tapwater.

Optimum Bulb

Optimum Bulb is our biostimulant especially made to help tuber/bulb crops e.g. potatoes, onion sets, tulips and lilies and to give them a head start. The plants will show a more uniform growth throughout the season and tubers and bulbs treated with Optimum Bulb are more uniform in size which increases the saleable yield. 

Optimum Soil

Optimum Soil is used as a pre-field treatment for crops that have to be sown without the possibility to treat the seeds/bulbs/plants. After sowing, the soil’s top layer is treated with Optimum Soil, which has the unique characteristic of slowly releasing the Biostimulant into the soil. Optimum Soil will increase the root system which enables the plants to reach important nutrients and water in the soil. It is applied to the soil in a maximum concentration of 10% diluted with tap water.

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