Our Biostimulants give your plants strength and a higher tolerance against abiotic stress factors. 


Ad Terram has developed an organic filmcoating free of intentionally added microplastics. 

Encrusting & Pelleting

For encrusting and pelleting Ad Terram has special binders and powders who can be used in both the organic and conventional market. 

Crop Support

Ad Terram Crop Support is specialized in leaf, bulb and soil treatments. For more information visite their website. 

We use no chemicals, synthesized products or intentionally added microplastics

Organic coating will support your valuable products much better!

Our company is focusing on the research and innovation of technologies and own developed (organic) seed treatment products in the agricultural sector. 

Beside seed treatments we develop Biostimulants for leaf, soil and bulb treatments. Our Biostimulants enhance the uptake off micro nutrients and increase the development of roots and cell structures which leads to a much stronger start of the plants.

Latest News

Annual shutdown

Annual shutdown

We would like to inform you that our Annual shutdown is from the 23rd of December until the 6th of January. Please note that orders before the 13th of December will be delivered according to our normal terms of delivery. Orders placed after the 13th of December will be delivered in the third week of January. Ad Terram would like to wish you a Merry…
Bio-certificate SKAL

Bio-certificate SKAL

Hereby Ad Terram we are proud to announce yet another achievement. We have been certified by SkaL  for the following ORGANIC Seed Treatments: Encrustment of Seeds Filmcoating of Seeds Priming of Seeds Drying of Seeds Skal, as a lot of companies are familiar with, will know that this is an independent supervisor of organic products and procedures here in the Netherlands. An agricultural product may…
Ad Terram USA

Ad Terram USA

The need for innovative, more environmentally friendly solutions are not only needed, but have become a priority and requirement of our industry. As a new company, here in the US, we are working through the setup, registration and strategy phases.   Visiting with customers and discussing their needs, finding a real interest in our equipment and product solutions.   We want to build a partnering with our…

We are an innovative company focusing on the research of own developed organic treatment products and technologies in the agro-industry.

We make high-end products
which are 100% organic.

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Ad Terram is reachable by phone or by email. We are situated in Opmeer, The Netherlands. You can find all our contact information at the contact page.

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