Microplastic Free

In recent years we have become more aware of the effects of using microplastics has on our health and environment. Already from the start in 2014 we offer the Agro-industry microplastic free solutions for seed treatments and biostimulants. But why are microplastics such a problem for the planet and human health? And how can Microplastic free products solve these issues. 

Microplastics in Agricultural Applications

Microplastics (i.e., plastic particles less than 5mm in size) have been identified as a global environmental threat for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and human health. Agriculture is assumed to be both victim and polluter of microplastic pollution. Encapsulating fungicides and/or insecticides in filmcoatings applied to agronomic seeds has become a widely accepted method for enhancing seed germination and overall seedling health by protecting against many diseases and early-season insect pests.


In Europe, the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) has started a project restricting microplastics use. The European Commission is implementing the new law on fertilizers of the used polymers in this field.

Why is the agro-industry in the spotlight?

As there are many other products with much higher volumes of microplastics around, such as toothpaste, detergents, shampoos etc. The reason for this is relatively simple, other products are passing the sewer systems and could be filtered out during the wastewater treatment process. The products used in seed coating, encrustment and pelleting are directly sown into the soil and cannot be filtered out. Therefore, as a result, polluting the environment and the groundwater.

Studies on the use of microplastics in our industry

Why Our Products Carry the Solution

Our products are free of intentionally added microplastics. We have a high-end microplastic free product range that does not compromise the need for high quality in the industry. Our products are biodegradable within 12 months conform Regulation (EU) 2019/1009.

Microplastic free, naturally