The future of coating is here... Organic coating by Ad Terram

Teal Agro Technologies

In 2016 Ad Terram started a joint venture together with Leba Metaalbewerking: Teal Agro Technologies B.V. 


Why did we establish TeaL

TeaL Agro Technologies was established so it could offer a complete seed treatment solution to the market. The founders of TeaL Agro Technolgies have together many years of experience in seed technology, engineering and building custom made seed equipment. TeaL’s focus is to make seed treatment accessible and affordable for each company.

Equipment and seed treatment products can be purchased worldwide. Investing in the TeaL concept will increase your company benefits. The ultimate combination of product and machine is guaranteed in the TeaL concept.  

  • Energy saving and environmental friendly
  • Products stay at your own facility
  • Gathering experience of seed treatments in-house
  • Reduction of your carbon footprint
  • Chemical free products
  • Products free of intentionally added microplastics
  • 100% biodegradable 

Custom made products

TeaL always offers custom made solutions, this can be adjustments or complete new solutions in treatment and equipment. TeaL shares knowledge in developing the best practice for each specific situation.

Working with the TeaL concept you get:

  • Optimal processing (filmcoating without drying)
  • Training of operators
  • High quality machinery 
  • Safe to use products
  • Happy employees 

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We are an innovative company focusing on the research of own developed organic treatment products and technologies in the agro-industry.

We make high-end products
which are 100% organic.