The future of coating is here... Organic coating by Ad Terram

Research and Development

Research and Development is an essential part of our existence. 
Every component in our products are analysed and tested to fit our high standards regarding, environmental safety and product quality.
Our challenge is to create 100% organic and synthetic produced free products.

New products

There is always a demand for new products for specific applications in order to replace products containing microplastics and/or chemicals which hurt our planet.  Our research team at the moment is looking at the development of an insect repellent and methodology to enable seed companies to prime seeds without any liquids or chemicals in a very short period of treatment (30 minutes).

Business to Business product development

Besides our own products we also work on custom made products. Working together with companies, our approach is to try to find environmental friendly and sustainable solutions in order to develop together with our customers new exiting products. Some of these products can be obtained by our customers exclusively. Do you have specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

How we work?

  • We begin with making acquaintance with each other
  • Often after the first meeting , we make a follow-up appointment at your company so we know where you are and what you do
  • After that, we begin with a research proposal 
  • During the research we determine all parameters which are important to you as our customer
  • When all tests have been completed in our laboratory, only then we carry out the next stage
  • If all tests and trial results are finished, then we shall together evaluate the results
  • Finally, when we have thoroughly spoken about all of the results then we come to a conclusion

We are an innovative company focusing on the research of own developed organic treatment products and technologies in the agro-industry.

We make high-end products
which are 100% organic.