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Saturation point

“To reach a stage were no more can be added, contained, or accepted.”

What does it mean?

When the filmcoating is applied and the seed can no stay on the seeds without creating tiny droplets on the seed skin (van der Waals forces).If any more is added it will appear as a separate phase. This means, it has reached its saturation point (surface can no longer hold the same thickness of coating liquids).

Saturation in chemistry has diversified meanings. These are all based on reaching maximum capacity. A common example of reaching an observable saturation point is when a sponge has reached the maximum amount that it can absorb. Anything more added to the sponge will result in dripping.


Why is this important for the filmcoating process?

Studies has shown that after a saturation point is reached the “surplus” to coat stays behind in the machine and the container / bag. The surface of the seed will show big spots of uncoated, and therefore unprotected, areas caused by adding to much filmcoat to the seed. When reaching the Optimal Saturation the seeds will be completely covered by the Filmcoat and therefore be protected. 


Explanation ‘Van der Waals force’ with condensated windows as an example:

Not fully condensated

Here you can see the window has a lot of “bubbles or holes”. These are not filled with  moisture. Result, the window is not completely condensed.

Optimal saturation

This is a window with perfect condensation. The surface is smooth and it doesn’t show any “holes”. This means it reached its Optimal condensation.


The ‘Van der Waals force’ turned the condense into droplets. The surface of the window is showing a lot of gaps and holes.

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Saturation point list

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