Ad Terram GmbH

Ad Terram BV opens new facility in Germany.

Increased sales in the organic products of Ad Terram such as the new organic bio stimulants OPTIMUM and the organic seed and bulb coating has increased the need for more European presence to provide optimal service and availability to our customers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, according to the Managing Director of Ad Terram BV in Andijk.

We are most pleased with the founding of Ad Terram GmbH in Bad Essen Germany, the Directors A. Mueller and D. Tober are very experienced persons with a lot of know how in the seed industry as well as in the agronomical challenges which the industry faces now a days.

“We need to face the changes in the industry and offer solutions for the farmers and seed companies and increase the quality of the products so needed in the agro industry,” says Mr. Tober, “Ad Terram has high tech products which are fully organic and can help the industry in becoming more environmental friendly as well lower the carbon footprint and save energy, Ad Terram tries harder and make a better product. That gives our customers confidence and sales go up.”

In the months to come other new companies will be erected so in the end we can serve the whole industry with these amazing products. The board of Ad Terram believes this trend will continue, with the possibility of two or even three new companies will join the group before the end of summer.

Mr. Mueller feels that a stable supply of the innovative products is essential for the success of Ad Terram, therefore is being close to the customer very important, so we can help the industry with the challenges they face now and in the future with solutions with the environment and the profitability of the farmers in mind.