Ad Terram Starts Joint Venture

In 2016 Ad Terram started a joint venture together with Leba Metaalbewerkingen from Enkhuizen: TeaL Agro Technologies. TeaL offers complete seed treatment solutions to the agro-industry. 


The reason why TeaL Agro Technologies established is, is to offer complete seed treatment solutions to the market. TeaL has many years of experience in seed technology, engineering and building custom made seed equipment. Teal’s focus is to make seed treatment accessible for each company.

What are we offering?

In our R&D we are always looking for the best solutions, whether this is in the treatment or in the equipment, it goes hand in hand. This gives a big plus to the end user of the TeaL concept.

Equipment and treatment can be purchased worldwide. Investing in a complete TeaL concept will increase your company benefits

  • Flexibility in the planning.
  • Products stays at their own facility.
  • Experience of seed treatment in-house.
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint

TeaL always offers custom made solutions, this can be adjustments or complete new solutions in treatment and equipment. TeaL shares knowledge to develop the best practice for each specific situation.

The bonus benefits of working with the TeaL concept:

  • Working with treatment free of intentionally added microplastics.
  • Optimal processing (filmcoating without drying).
  • Training of operators
  • Specialized and a knowledge partner to work with