The future of coating is here... Organic coating by Ad Terram

Bio-certificate SKAL

Hereby Ad Terram we are proud to announce yet another achievement.

We have been certified by SkaL  for the following ORGANIC Seed Treatments:

  • Encrustment of Seeds
  • Filmcoating of Seeds
  • Priming of Seeds
  • Drying of Seeds

Skal, as a lot of companies are familiar with, will know that this is an independent supervisor of organic products and procedures here in the Netherlands.

An agricultural product may only be called organic if the production process complies with Skal’s legal requirements.  In this way our customers can be confident that the organic process we have is really organic. The European government sets the rule as the word ‘ORGANIC” is a legally protected term.

Therefore in Ad Terram we are extremely proud of our accomplishments and achievements, just knowing that we are doing some little bit of good for the environment that will hopefully have a big improvement too for our planet in the long run!


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