EU adopts measures for restiction use of intentionally added Microplastics

The EU aims to prevent the release of half a million tonnes (!) of microplastics into the environment and seed coatings are part of the pollution. Ad Terram has the solution.

On the 25th of September 2023 the European Commission took a major step to protect the environment by adopting measures that restrict microplastics intentionally added to products.

The majority of seed coatings and binders for encrusting and pelleting purposes contain intentionally added microplastics, seeds treated with those products, afterwards are directly sown into our soils, end up in the environment and stay there for centuries. 

The transition time for seed treatment suppliers to reformulate their products to be microplastic free is 5 years. But why wait another 5 years when the solution is already here?

Ad Terram is first company in the world that offers certified microplastic free seed treatment products to the seed industry, and our products are also 100% certified organic.

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