New Filmcoat, same characteristics!

Crystal Seed Coat and Crystal Seed Coat Premix

We are continuously innovating our existing products and are delighted to inform you that we have added a new filmcoating to our NextGen filmcoating range: Crystal seed coat and Crystal seed coat Premix.

Already for years we are providing the agro-industry with microplastic free and organic products and our new filmcoating is no exception from that. Our Crystal seed coat is designed especially for mid to low end vegetable, field and flower crops. It provides good flowability, reduces dust emission and comes in 4 primary colours (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow). 

Reduction of Energy Costs

No drying required

Increased Work Efficiency

Treat and pack directly

Increased Daily Production

Maximum of 90 seconds per batch

Safe Work Environment

Officially certified microplastic free and organic products

We havedesigned our filmcoatings in such a way that they are highly compatible with
microbes (Mycorrhizea, Azospirillum, Rhizobia etc.).


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