NextGen Seed Treatments by Ad Terram

Microplastic Free and Energy Saving In recent years the industry have become more aware of the effects that the use of microplastics in seed treatments have on the environment, the seeds, the plants and human health. It has even been identified as a global threat and in Europe the ECHA (European Chemical Agency) is preparing […]

6 Reasons Why: Farmers Choose to Use Optimum Biostimulants 6

Seed Treatment and Biostimulants

Since the beginning of Ad Terram Treatment Technologies, we have had the opportunity to speak with many experienced growers and farmers from a lot of different fields within the agriculture sector about the implementation of Optimum Biostimulants. What surprised us was the diversity in motives to integrate Optimum Biostimulants in their schedules. In this article […]

Developments Seed Treatment Industry

Seed Treatment and Biostimulants

Last week the 2020 market insight of Agropages was published. In an interview we give you an insight on how we think about the developments in the seed treatment industry, our main business, our mid-and-long term development/research goals and more..    From various market forecast data, the seed treatment industry has very good development prospects. What […]

Exclusive Cooperation

Ad Terram has established an exclusive agreement with Agrii the leading provider of agronomy service, technology and strategic advice in the UK. TeaL Machinery Agrii has set up a state-of-the-art seed treatment centre at Agrii’s Throws Farm Technology Centre in Essex. Built and installed by TeaL Agro Technologies, the new facility allows high value vegetable […]

Organic certification USA OMRI

We are very excited to announce that Ad Terram USA received the OMRI certificate for our Sapphire seed coat. OMRI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the US that provides an independent review of products, such as fertilizers, pest controls, livestock health care products, and numerous other inputs that are intended for use in certified […]

Organic certification Ireland

The products of Ad Terram are certified organic by Organic Trust CLG in Ireland. The Organic Trust is the centre of excellence when it comes to organic inspection and certification in Ireland.  The Organic Trust Symbol under the Certified Products Scheme has been awarded to: Optimum Leaf Concentrate Sapphire Seed Coat Sapphire Seed Coat Premix […]

Bio-certificate Skal Biocontrole Netherlands

We can proudly announce yet another achievement. We have been certified by Skal Biocontrole (Netherlands) for the following ORGANIC Seed Treatments: Encrustment of Seeds Filmcoating of Seeds Priming of Seeds Drying of Seeds Skal is an independent supervisor of organic products and procedures here in the Netherlands. An agricultural product may only be called organic […]

Ad Terram USA

Meet our USA team during a small introduction of who they are and why they joined the Ad Terram family.  The need for innovative, more environmentally friendly solutions are not only needed, but have become a priority and requirement of our industry. As a new company, here in the US, we are working through the […]

Ad Terram Canada

Lourens has been farming in Manitoba since 1981 and has grown everything from potatoes and onions to grain. Sandor has been working in the agriculture industry since 2004, handling sales, logistics and food safety. Together they have supplied companies across North America and grown one of the largest shallot and onion set operations in Canada. […]

Ad Terram Southeast Europe

In the upcoming weeks we would like to introduce our subsidiaries to you. This week: Ad Terram Southeast Europe. The new headquarter of Magrovet Group, the owner of Ad Terram Southest Europe Kft. has recently been opened in Kecskemet, Central Hungary.   The facility includes offices, laboratory, seed processing / packaging operations and warehouse on 1200 […]